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Knowing what companion care is

Companion care is a one-of-a-kind long-term, focusing on giving the older adults friendship and emotional support, also occasionally helping out with daily routine activities. It is very well known among those who want to age place, at the same time becoming independent and socially active.

Companionship Care Kansas: Fostering friendships

Friendship is vital for every individual particularly the elderly. But, as time passes by, it will become more challenging for older adults to keep in touch with their family and friends, because of the changes brought about by aging. In worst cases, they will feel isolated as their friends or neighbors move away. Companionship Care Kansas will treat its clients more of a friend, and keep them company while helping them out with their activities. We provide certain services like:

Assistance with daily living. Helping them out with to move about around the house, assisting them in walking, getting in and out of bed. The companion can also aid in terms of grooming, bathing, as well as getting dressed. Often times helping out with household chores.

Relieving care for the primary caregiver. This allows a needed break for the primary carer, so they can attend to their own needs. A caregiver can't provide efficient care if exhausted mentally or physically. Primary caregivers need to be fully recharged and to focus on their own social well-being and mental aspect.

Emotional support and friendship. We strongly believe that no one should ever be alone, friendship and emotional support are really important in improving an elderly's health and quality of life. In addition to homemaking and companion, Companion Care Kansas is aimed at serving the elderly as a true friend, taking part in games, having outings, engaging in fruitful conversations. To put it simply, enjoying each other's company.

Other than practicality in lifestyle benefits, Companionship Care Kansas can help add beauty to an elderly's life in an infinite number of ways. A few minutes of friendship, attention, and company for the elderly can surely have some benefits on their emotions.

Emotional benefits of companion care

Dignity. Having a companion’s support can give the elderly the ability to live more with dignity, and have a better quality of life. If they are seen, respected, and heard, older adults can have a purpose that is meaningful. That means they don't have to rely much on their friends, members of the family, or their neighbors.

Confidence and making the family feel at ease. Companion care is all about getting older adults the needed support to flourish, also it's about assisting the primary caregivers in reclaiming their own time and peace of mind. In some studies, nearly half of primary caregivers sink into depression as they are unable to care for themselves because they were burdened by their tasks. Resorting to respite care can prove wonders on their mental stability and overall health. Knowing that your loved ones are being cared for and supported by companion care, the caregiver can fully make time to focus on other matters.

Comfort. For the elderly, moving on with their lives and moving into an unknown environment can be arduous, and can sink into developing anxiety, depression, and fear. Aging in place with companionship care has some amazing benefits. Knowing a familiar place of comfort, important for many aging adults

You're never too old to have friends

Older adults who are socially remaining connected experience a great deal in self-esteem and attain a greater life of satisfaction. Though it might seem like a small gesture, for older adults, it's a very fulfilling feeling as the void in their hearts was filled with new companions.

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Do you have someone in your family who is an older adult seeking help around the house, or possibly in need of a company? Companionship Care Kansas is willing to step in and be of assistance.