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The challenges of Alzheimer's and dementia

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia can be a very intense, long, and hard emotional journey. The reality is that at the moment, there is no cure for Alzheimer's or dementia. The only thing that we can do is provide loving, supportive care as they live out the rest of their lives.

Alzheimer's Care Kansas

Caregiving can be a very consuming task, as their cognitive skills will gradually diminish, as well as their physical coordination. It can decrease one's morale and you might start neglecting your own health which can be a really bad thing. Seeking help can be a necessity in cases of primary caregivers. Alzheimer's Care Kansas can alleviate these situations as we care for your loved ones who are afflicted with this kind of situation. We provide different types of care that will ensure quality and safe care.

Respite care. This gives ample time for the caregivers to be rejuvenated, as not to overwhelm them, so they can properly tend to their needs. Alzheimer's Care Kansas has facilities that can help your caregiver achieve the needed efficiency for the upcoming tasks.

Residential care. This commonly known as a nursing home. your loved ones care for 24/7. We also include therapies for cognitive and physical. The overall care is fully maximized as they have professional health care workers to aid them in coordination with our in-house staff.

Hospice care. This not meant for curing a disease, but a way to manage their condition through the remainder of their lives. Care and comfort are the primary focus of this facility so they don't have to suffer. They will be treated with much more dignity.

Kansas Alzheimer's Home Care and Kansas Dementia Home Care

If you are having second thoughts of institutionalized care, we also cater home care services to make your mind feel at ease. We have in-home services that provide housekeeping and personal care.

In some cases, in-home care can be different in every way. For non-medical to medical. Here are some in-home care services

  • Companion care. Helps in the monitoring of the elderly, visiting, and recreational activities.
  • Personal care. Assists in getting in and out of bed, changing clothes, and bathing.
  • Homemaker services. Do light household chores, assists in meal preparations, and shopping.
  • Skilled care. This involves highly specialized care with the aid of various licensed health professionals.


It is a call for concern if the facility is not well equipped for the patient’s condition. We made sure our floors are slip-resistant to prevent fall injuries, we also made sure to have railings in the toilet and bathroom. Lastly, our floor plans are easy to follow so they won’t get lost or avoid any confusion, as we placed tags along with the designated areas.

Structural activities

We always have routines providing consistency to our clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. As their ability to handle tasks diminish, we always supplement them with consistent daily routines. We always strive for consistency, in their tasks, from waking up to eating meals, receiving visitors, until going to bed. We also provide hints as to tell the time of the day, for example, opening windows in the morning, or playing specific music to remind them of bedtime.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our staff can anticipate the needs of our clients, and they know how to react to various situations if their mood changes.

Don’t disregard your needs

If you’re always earnestly focusing on your loved one’s needs during the whole course of the progression of the condition, you’re bound to neglect yourself. If you are not properly getting the right support you need, then caring for your loved one can be overwhelming. Alzheimer’s care Kansas can very well help by contacting us.